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End-of-year drinks and climbing the heights

Will you be in Melbourne? Love to see you at the wind-down for Journeys for Climate Justice. Drop in for 9 minutes or 90. 5pm – 6.30pm, Friday 19th December Jasper Hotel, 489 Elizabeth Street (city-side of Victoria Market) We have had a great year, and more is to come for 2015. Our AGM and launch of the […]

Flying this summer? You can empower others

Spare a thought for the people in the countries that we fly to or over on our holidays. Instead of doing a normal carbon offset, why not direct funds to empowering youth in Bangladesh? Support the BGreen Project conference to be held in Dhaka in January 2015. Help to train the youth leaders of the future, […]

Youth gather in Bangladesh

JCJ is calling for financial support for the BGreen Conference in January 2015. The 2014 conference was a massive success and was attended by 150 people, and successfully built community partnerships among organizations in Bangladesh. Organisor Fadia Hasan says “Youth is our biggest resource in Bangladesh today and mobilizing them in the direction of responsible environmentalism may be […]

JCJ new members welcome

JCJ welcomes new members. JCJ is an inclusive organisation, and we encourage all members to have a say. The AGM will be held in November, and we’ll structure it to allow you to participate if you join. Membership is $30 per year in Australia and similar countries, and $10 in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and similar […]

Launch of our new website

Welcome to the new website for Journeys for Climate Justice. We hope you like it. If you are in Melbourne, you are welcome to the launch at 11am on Sunday 23 November. Details follow. Volunteers have been busy behind the scenes for months, especially Viveka, Robyn and Jim. They have done our best to make […]

Journeys needing support

People from the Asia Pacific are participating in some fantastic Journeys around Climate Change. JCJ is delighted, and keen to support the organisers where we can. JCJ is working towards linking people in the countries involved. Our dream would be for individuals from one country in the Asia Pacific to take part in other Journeys, […]

Sri Lankan Bike Journey

In Sri Lanka, a long bicycle journey is being organised by United Nations Volunteers (UNV), starting in November. The group is inspired by the Kelani River and Paapedi Bike Journeys that JCJ supported. JCJ co-founder Kanchana is providing practical advice and support. Kanchana is also president of ECO-V, or eco-friendly volunteers, which is based in […]

Student visit to sustainable Daylesford

On a lovely sunny Sunday recently, we held our very first expedition with international students studying in Australia. We travelled in a convoy of cars to Daylesford, 110 kilometres from Melbourne. The aim was to give the students some interesting educational experiences, introduce them to local students a good time, and test our approach to running such journeys. The students […]

JCJ talks to renewable energy association

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