Why do we do what we do?

Climate change is the greatest challenge to this generation…

…and will have devastating impacts, particularly in the Asia-Pacific. Many areas within this region are threatened by rising sea levels, as well as more extreme and frequent weather events. These impacts are exacerbated by factors such as high concentration of people, economic centres along coastlines, and limited resources to adapt.

Global temperatures have risen one degree above pre-industrial levels and are currently heading towards one and a half degrees, with the severity of warming effects increasing. The window of opportunity for reducing emissions is already closing as we are seeing people being pushed out or relocating from their homelands, such as those in low lying Pacific islands. 

Climate Justice

The West (including Australia) has produced the most carbon since the industrial revolution, but now it is vulnerable communities in the Asia-Pacific that will be most impacted by these historical and ongoing emissions. To compensate for these unacceptable emissions, the West must support those affected by climate change. 

At JCJ our mission is to empower people in countries most affected by climate change, using money we raise from those polluting in the West, particularly Australia. By empowering vulnerable communities, we can increase their ability to mitigate climate change themselves and fortify their resilience.  

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