Journeys for Climate Justice (JCJ) is run by a team of passionate and dedicated volunteers. Are you interested in our work and passionate about climate justice? Well, we would love to welcome you as part of our family.

The main parts of our organisation are our committee team, who do most of the heavy lifting of the organisation, and then our volunteers who help us out with various jobs that fit their talents!


If you are interested in becoming a committee member for the next financial year, feel free to contact us. We are also very happy for JCJ members to attend certain committee meetings to help contribute ideas.

We are currently looking for:

Does not need to have previous treasurer experience, but be able to do the following:

  • Duties:
    – Transferring money to the projects we support.
    – Checking emails often about donations from site
    – Keeping excel sheet updated with donations and donor information
    – Present cash flow spreadsheet to AGM
  • Have a certain level of computer literacy to work with Paypal, an online bank account, website back end system, emailing, excel sheets. 
  • Be available to attend a reasonable number of committee meetings during the course of the year. 

If interested, please contact us. 


JCJ has a volunteer coordinator who helps keep track of everyone, what skills they have and how they can contribute to JCJ. You can volunteer to help us for a single event, a few times a year, or on a regular basis. It is completely up to you! Here are some areas where we could use help with:

  • Membership reminder: phone, text and email
  • Newsletter contributions 
  • Help with events

If you have any inclination to be a volunteer and have any other ideas of how you can be of help, please contact us.

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