Appeal – Oil spill in Bangladesh

Please help us act on this appeal from BGreen Project founder Fadia Hasan.

In Bangladesh, in December there was an oil spill in the fragile and internationally recognised Sundarbans.

This event focused the minds of participants at the January BGreen conference, which JCJ supported financially.

Can you take appropriate action by Thursday (cut-off date for crowd-funding).

Here is the appeal from Fadia, with relevant links.

Help us Save the Sundarbans!

We need your full attention and support for this important, compelling cause that could pave the way for reclaiming the beautiful waterways that makes us uniquely Bangladesh.

The BGreen Project is thrilled to be joining up with Scott Smith, Mark Ruffalo and Water Defense to raise money to help with the disaster in the Sundarbans and to develop a long term plan to engage the youth in Bangladesh to preserve and protect the water ways of Bangladesh.

Please help now by donating to the Sundarbans Indiegogo campaign here:

Please make sure that you help us spread the word by reposting this to as many people as you can in your networks. This is time sensitive, so, I, Fadia Hasan, the Founder of The BGreen Project am urging you personally to help us spread the word.

The following videos will better help you understand the work of Mark Ruffalo, Scott Smith, and Water Defense:

Indiegogo Campaign for the Sundarbans:

  1. What can be done to help the disaster now and an in the future to preserve and protect the water ways of Bangladesh:
  2. Demonstration of what happened in the Sundarbans:
  3. Prototype filtration system developed from real World disasters:

Thank you very much in supporting this important cause and there is a lot more to come that will directly involve the youth of Bangladesh and the important role they will play in shaping direct, ongoing, community engaged projects related to this campaign. Stay tuned and stay Green!



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