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Creating Climate Justice in the Asia Pacific

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Developing initiatives to drive long-lasting change

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Empowering youth and their communities

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Our Mission?

Creating climate justice

Journeys for Climate Justice (JCJ) is a small volunteer-run Australian not-for-profit organisation tackling climate change issues in the Asia-Pacific Region.  We aim to address the inequitable impacts of climate change, which fall on communities that have contributed least to the problem and have few resources to cope. As an alternative to carbon offsetting, JCJ offers travellers the opportunity to fund projects that are catalysts for behavioural change in the Asia-Pacific. 

How do we achieve that vision?

   By supporting projects in line with our mission

With the support of our members and donors aiming to offset their emissions, JCJ assists projects in the Asia-Pacific region.

Unlike many offset schemes that just focus on tree-planting to reduce carbon dioxide, your donation with JCJ will support the development of young green leaders in communities at the forefront of the climate crisis. Projects such as the Yathras in Sri Lanka have been successful in nurturing young people passionate about our world, and have started them on a lifelong journey to combat environmental and climate injustice. They in turn are creating powerful ripple effects in their communities. 

Other projects we fund assist communities to become more aware of the impacts of climate change and empower them to implement mitigation and adaptation measures. Recently JCJ supported direct adaptation measures for the first climate refugees in the Asia-Pacific by helping with their relocation. JCJ has more success supporting other groups’ projects that fit our criteria, but we occasionally run our own local projects.

Click here to learn more about projects we support.

We differ from larger non-for-profits because we are entirely volunteer-run, and our committee members personally fund nominal administration costs such as website upkeep and hire of meeting rooms. Learn more about us here.

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