Renewables over Coal in Asia

r87Help us send a technical expert to Sri Lanka in September 2015 to link with environmentalists, experts, NGOs, government and industry leaders to empower them to bring about alternatives to coal. Our project aims to contribute to the wave of interest in clean energy that is building across Asia, and help to neutralise Australian attempts to expand coal markets.

For full project details, go to Asia and Australia against coal, and see our presentation Engaging with climate change by connecting with Asia.

Donate here. We’ve raised over $2,000 already, thanks to many individual donors and our successful Sri Lankan buffet. Our next fund-raiser is a tea and cheese tasting on 24th June – limited to 17 people, so get in quickly.

As CEO of Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE), Stephen BygraveSteven Bygrave cropped

is looking forward to this trip to Sri Lanka. BZE has developed technical plans for Australia to be 100% renewable. Now BZE can take that experience internationally, and work with enthusiastic people in Sri Lanka.

As we raise more funds, similar trips will be organised to other countries in the Asia Pacific. Charlie Wood from and Cam Walker from Friends of the Earth are also great supporters of this plan.

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