Projects we support

Factors we consider for a project to support include: 

  • How greatly the project impacts the community and country in which it is situated
  • The extent to which it addresses the climate emergency
  • How much of JCJ’s capabilities – financial and/or manpower – are required
  • Potential support we can receive from other organisations for a project; 
  • The extent to which youth are involved in the project 
  • Whether the project can be continued by the local community

Don’t hesitate to approach us even if all factors are not met. Please note that these are not criteria, but variables that will help us determine if we can be of help.  

The majority of our activities are supporting small NGO-run projects within Asia-Pacific. Most of these are youth-focused (and often youth-run) initiatives that will help guide interested young people to become long-term environmental leaders with impactful lives. Others are based on general community education of environmental issues.

More recently, JCJ has aided climate refugees directly. While this is not a long-term youth-led project, it fits JCJ’s goal of ‘Climate Justice’.

A few of our past sponsored projects have aimed at facilitating connections between Australia and the Asia-Pacific the exchange of resources and information related to climate change. 

Full history of projects supported: 

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