Update: KAMY report and attending COP28

Since we sponsored KAMY in 2023, our funding has helped enhance their operational capabilities and outreach efforts. In 2023, they sent three representatives to COP28, including an Indigenous Orang Asli from Rompin to present their reports to UN mandate holders and delegates from Malaysia. Our support is helping KAMY make a huge impact, and we’re thrilled to be a part of it!

KAMY’s Summary report from the previous funding in 2022:

JCJ’s support has enhanced our operational capabilities and outreach efforts, as detailed below:
1) Enhanced Digital Storage: essential for our digital campaigns and record-keeping.
2) Improved Video Production: has expanded our presence on Instagram. We’ve been able to produce more engaging videos on topics like Just Energy Transition (JET) and feminist climate action, crucially in Bahasa, filling a significant content gap.
3) Continued Development of Climatea: Thanks to JCJ’s initial funding, Climatea is expanding its influence. We’re now focused on creating a dictionary for translating climate terminologies from English to Bahasa Melayu. This effort will enhance accessibility for content creators and the general public. We’re also preparing to release COP28 terminologies tailored for our indigenous partners. Our Resource Hub, which was kickstarted by JCJ’s funding will also continue to expand. You can access KAMY Resource Hub here

A recent update, this year KAMY was able to send three representatives to COP28, including an Indigenous Orang Asli from Rompin. This participation was vital for our advocacy and visibility. We also successfully released two significant climate reports, “Orang Jakun & The Climate Crisis” and “Heartbeat Voices from Indigenous Youth of Peninsula Malaysia,” making a profound impact in our community engagement and policy influence. These reports have not only deepened our community engagement but also significantly influenced policy discussions. We had the opportunity to present these reports to various UN mandate holders and delegates from our country at COP28.

Your contribution has been instrumental in these successes, and we are deeply grateful for your continued support. These achievements reflect our joint commitment to fostering a robust and informed climate justice movement in Malaysia.

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