Sri Lankan Plant Nurseries during COVID

Newton’s Nursery

Islyan Newton, a youth leader trained during the first Yathra (Journey) in 2011, has been busy during COVID-19 maintaining a native plant nursery that JCJ has supported. 140 plants were given away in November 2020 to be cultivated in the fields of northern Sri Lanka.

In January, Newton conducted a full-day workshop for 25 young people. The workshop raised awareness about healthy food, natural living and sustainable waste management. He gave some plants from his nursery to each attendee to care for, and the rest are to be maintained collectively by the group.

Gayani’s Nursery

During COVID-19, Gayani’s work with garden training sessions from ECO-V (our sister organisation in Sri Lanka) dried up. At that time there was a growing demand for indoor air purifying plants, and so she was given some of JCJ’s funds to start and maintain a nursery for 6 months.

When she went back to work in January, the plants were big enough to start selling. Despite COVID-19 still ravaging the country and making sales very difficult, she has already managed to sell some to an online store.

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