JCJ Selling Recycled Sari Bags

We are excited to announce that we are now selling our beloved Recycled Sari Bags!

The committee decided to order some more from the two Sri Lankan women who make them for our partner organisation ECO-V. We saw how popular they were from our last order and decided to allow any Australians to purchase them, not just those who attend our events (as we had done previously). They are perfect for you, friends or family (they also make great gifts!).

There is nothing quite like them on the market. They are super lightweight & crunch down into a tiny pouch making them perfect to pop in your pocket.

Not to mention, they are wonderful for the planet! ECO-V has collected non-biodegradable Sari’s from around Sri Lanka to prevent them from polluting the environment.

It is a great way to support JCJ as well as the Sri Lankan women’s’ livelihoods that have been impacted by the pandemic.

We are also offering multiple local pickup options for Melbourne, Australia.

If you wish to share the link please use this: https://www.journeysforclimatejustice.org.au/shop/.

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