Pacific Islands

JCJ has a keen interest in the Pacific Islands. Climate change is having a massive impact already. The countries are near neighbours to Australia. is a leading group bringing together people from the nations of the Pacific to tackle climate change. Recently the Pacific Warriors brought canoes to Australia and mounted a blockade of Newcastle Harbour, the largest coal exporting terminal in the world. is working with 16 countries in the region – stretching across Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia.

Our support goes out to other initiatives being taken by the peoples of the Pacific Islands.

  • George Samuels has produced a series of animations about Tuvalu, his home country which is threatened by climate change.

We would love to connect more closely with other worthwhile projects on the theme of Youth : Climate : Justice. Please get in touch with us if you have ideas.

Climate change in the Pacific

The Pacific Islands will be severely affected by climate change. The impacts have started.

  • Ocean warming, frequent tropical cyclones, flash foods and droughts are likely to have dramatic impact on food production systems
  • Climate change is expected to cause serious degradation of the coastal environment and natural resources on which poor rural people depend.
  • Livelihood on Pacific Islands is seriously dependent on ecosystem services … some ecosystems, such as coral reefs, are very sensitive to temperature changes.
  • Water resources in Pacific Island are extremely vulnerable to changes and variations in climate because of their limited size, availability and geology and topography, especially in rainfall. (extracts taken direct from an United Nations IFAD report (accessed October 2014).

The issues and necessary action are outlined in The future is here: climate change in the Pacific, written in 2009 by Nic Maclellan for Oxfam.

Another great resource for understanding climate change in the Pacific are the several reports by Australia’s Pacific Climate Change Science Program. These include: