JCJ supports a doco on climate justice

JCJ is encouraging supporters to help fund a documentary on climate justice in Bangladesh and West Bengal. Film-makers Samantha Hunter and Sarah Dodamead will depict the effects of climate change and the hardships imposed uponAutosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH the lives of the local people. 

  • “We want to raise awareness of the social injustices of climate change, how those most severely impacted upon are often those who have contributed the least to the problem.
  • We want to make those in the carbon-intensive developed world recognize that they have a social responsibility not only to drastically reduce their GHG emissions, but to support those most affected to be able to adapt and cope.
  • Through this documentary, we hope to build solidarity between the Global North and the Global South on the issue of climate change”.

JCJ is contributing directly, but we would love to see you help to boost the funding we can offer. Please go to our Donate page. Long-standing JCJ supporter Pat Kirkby is on the advisory board for the project.

Samantha (above) is an award-winning documentary film maker and alumni of Florida State University, and Sarah18768571_458928221132989_2486656496373546279_o (below) is a Critical Language Scholarship fellow and undergraduate at the same university.  



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