Empowering Young Green Leaders: The 2024 Colombo Yathra

We are excited to share with you the inspiring work of JCJ and ECO-V in our ongoing efforts to empower young green leaders through this year’s Colombo Yathra.

The Colombo Yathra, hosted by ECO-V and led by Kanchana Weerakoon, represents a significant milestone as it marks the eighth Yathra and the first since the COVID-19 pandemic. This journey brings together 15 youths from diverse backgrounds in Colombo, Sri Lanka, to equip them with the necessary tools and knowledge to become effective climate leaders in their own communities and beyond.

At the heart of the Yathra is the mission to train and empower young leaders in the Asia-Pacific region to fight for climate justice. This year’s project focuses on three key subjects: regenerative agriculture, sustainable living, and climate change. Through a 5-day residential training program, selected youths are trained using a variety of methods including audiovisuals, interactive games, practical sessions, and field visits centered on climate science, sustainability, biodiversity protection, conscious consumerism, and regenerative agriculture.

Following the training, the participants return to their communities and pledge to complete a climate-related project within the next year, aiming to bring substantial benefits to their local areas.

The Colombo Yathra project has already made a significant impact, having trained over 700 youth leaders across the Asia-Pacific region. This year, we are excited to continue our mission and empower the next generation of green leaders.

We invite you to support this meaningful cause by making a donation of either $110, $220, or $330. Your generosity will enable us to continue our mission of empowering young green leaders to fight for climate justice in their local communities and beyond.

Join us in empowering the next generation of green leaders in the Asia-Pacific region. Your contribution can make a meaningful difference in the fight for climate justice.

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