Portraits of Change Climate Action Competition

In conjunction with Michael Chew’s ‘Portraits of Change’ exhibition, JCJ will be holding a environmental ideas and photo competition with the theme: ‘Acting on Climate – what can you do with $100?’

The competition expands upon the global stories of environmental action in Michael Chew’s ‘Portraits of Change Exhibition’ to inspire people to take local action on climate change and environmental issues in their own lives and communities.

The competition’s purpose is to inspire people to translate the exhibition theme – motivational local action in the face of both devastating impacts and living with basic needs – into Australian life. The constraint of $100 invites participants to think outside the box and reinforces the idea that actions can be easy and accessible.

Both JCJ and Michael Chew will be assessing the competition and there will be prizes for 1st to 3rd place.

Below is the link to the competition, which will be open from 8pm 26th of February until 10pm 18th of March (3 weeks).

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