Why support JCJ

JCJ’s philosophy is to empower communities in the Asia Pacific to take action on climate change. These communities are already experiencing the devastating impacts of climate change, and have very few resources to cope and adapt. Our projects create a ripple effect throughout the global community – inspiring & building momentum for positive change. We believe that the ultimate level of carbon reductions resulting from our projects will greatly exceed the emissions that our donors offset.

We also raise awareness of the impact of the developed world’s carbon intensive lifestyles on poorer communities in the Asia Pacific, and by doing so encourage nations, organisations and individuals to reduce their carbon emissions and ensure a safe climate future. We strongly believe that our personal choices can lead governments and industry to accept that greenhouse emissions reductions are possible, technically and economically feasible, and necessary.

JCJ runs on very low overheads, thus your offset dollars will go further.

Our funds will go directly to:

  1. Journeys that train future youth environmental leaders, like the Kelani River Journey in 2011, and the Paapedi Bike Journey in 2013;
  2. The environmental initiatives being implemented by the youth leaders trained on Journeys that we support;
  3. Future climate change projects in the Asia Pacific Region, like those we led in Vietnam and Bangladesh. We are networking with groups that are active in other countries including the Pacific to identify such projects;
  4. Programs that connect international students studying in Australia to environmental and climate change issues here, so they feel empowered to act when they return home.

What to do next

Click here for advice on how to calculate your contribution and make a payment.