To do_ JCJ Advisory Board

Professor David de Kretser AC

Professor de Kretser was Governor of Victoria from 2006 to 2011. An eminent medical researcher at Monash University, he is a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science and also founded Andrology Australia. He moved with his family from Sri Lanka to Australia aged just 9. He has recently made two trips back to Sri Lanka, the first in many years.

Jane Crouch

Jane is the Responsible Travel Manager at Intrepid Travel, and manager of NGO partnerships through The Intrepid Foundation. Jane is also a Climate Project presenter for Climate Project Australia, the Australian branch of Al Gore’s climate change leadership program.

Rose Read

Rose is the Project Manager at Northern Alliance for Greenhouse Action, and is a former committee member of Environment Victoria. Rose has over 20 years of professional and community experience in research, planning, consultation and implementation of environmental sustainability projects.

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