International Journey in 2015

JCJ is again supporting ECO-V in enabling our largest and most ambitious journey yet to train local youth leaders as agents of change in addressing climate change issues in the Asia Pacific.

An International Journey is taking place from January to April 2015 running across several Asian countries with different participants and activities in each country. This follows the success of the Kelani River (2011) and Paapedi Bike (2013) Journeys in Sri Lanka, and also JCJ’s smaller engagements in Bangladesh and Vietnam.

Planning began in early 2014, and two coordinators based in Sri Lanka were appointed in June. They are being supervised by Kanchana Weerakoon of Eco-friendly Volunteers (ECO-V), which ran the first two Journeys. Kanchana is also Deputy Chairperson of JCJ, which has pledged $2,000 to pay the coordinators.

Which countries and Journeys?

Groups in three countries are already preparing to organise a Journey – Sri Lanka, Thailand and Malaysia. We are also in discussion with our contacts in Bangladesh, Vietnam and Tuvalu.

We would love to see a Journey happen in many more countries. These might be one-day cycling or walking events or much longer intrepid journeys.

Can you connect?

If you can help through your group or your connections, please contact us (link to contact page). We can provide guidelines for those groups organising a Journey in the Asia Pacific, as well as guidelines for groups wishing to sponsor a Journey in one country.

Supporting projects in Australia, Ireland or anywhere else are welcome if they are consistent with the aims! We welcome ideas out of the box, so long as there is a link with global climate change and human beings. Journeys are for change making, for positive change.

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Can your group both connect and fund?

Ideally funding for the Journeys in the Asia Pacific will come from groups in those countries, and sponsoring organisations that they connect to in Australia and other wealthy countries.

JCJ aims to provide the umbrella or tree under which all these activities occur, rather than directly funding them. JCJ may be able to provide limited assistance to support worthwhile Journeys that cannot otherwise raise all the necessary funds.

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